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MyIndia Today Holiday is a technology driven Travel Management Company in India. A one-stop travel company, we offer travel solutions to a wide network of corporates, sub-agents, individual and group travelers. We provide high quality service to our customers, who can access a comprehensive range of travel services, resources and updated information, receiving great value for their travel investments. Incorporated in 1500, with the objective of achieving new levels of service excellence through specialization in each of our products, MyIndia Today Holiday, has come a long way and today provides a comprehensive range of travel services.
We strive to create exceptional value for our customers with personalised service and continuous innovation. We want to take the scope of travel management beyond what the industry expects by striving for complete customer satisfaction. Distribution Model
MyIndia Today Holiday focus is on the inbound to India market, and their Distribution Model aims to be an efficient and competitive sales channel directed to the consumer and retailer directly. Their business model thus takes advantage of the lowered cost of combining both the .com channel with a 24 hours back office support.
They reach the overseas retailers and end customers directly through precisely chosen online channels and individual representations abroad. These representatives abroad cover markets which h are amongst the top ten markets for tourists to India, and others are emerging markets. Apart from increasing efficiencies, it also yields a pricing advantage, by disintermediation of the consolidators and wholesalers, empowering the Company with best discounts that can be offered to customers.
MyIndia Today Holiday was one of the first times for an Indian company to market fixed departures through Global B2C and B2B channels. The initial scaling up was done by focusing on B2C and increasing advertising on google, yahoo and other online mediums which has helped MyIndia Today Holiday grow its revenues 15 times over in the last 3 years. Their representations abroad are now taking this Business Model to the next stage, of establishing a fixed B2B network. Of the different representatives Lithuania and Spain are presently the most successful with our own. MyIndia Today Holiday is now aiming to replicate these models in 30 different markets abroad through similar representations, along with more regional language sites.